Prof. Dr. Dhori KULE

Dhori Kule




  • Prof. Dr. Dhori Kule graduated from the University Tirana, Faculty of Economy, in 1982 and holds the title Professor in Economy since 1996.
  • After his graduation, in 1982, he started to work as the Head of the Economic Department at the Mechanic Plant in Kuçova, and as an adjunct lector at the University branch in Berat. In 1984, he joined the University of Tirana, as a full time lector at the Faculty of Economy. In the following years, he served as the Head of the Microeconomics Section (1993-1994), Vice Dean of the Faculty of Economy and Head of the Department of Economy (1994-1996), Dean of the Faculty of Economy and Chairman of the Faculty's Council (1997-2008) and Rector of the University of Tirana (2008-2016).
  • Since 2016, Prof. Dr. Dhori Kule is the Dean of the Faculty of Economy of the University of Tirana.
  • Over the years, among others, Prof. Dr. Dhori Kule has held the following positions: Chairman of the Pan-Albanian Economists Union (1998); Member of the Board of Directors of Youth Economic Education Foundation (1995-2004); Member of the Supervisory Council of the Savings Bank (1999-2003); External advisor on economic matters to the Parliamentary Committee on Economy (2001-2004); Chairman of the Statistics Council (2006-2012); and member of elected local government bodies.
  • He has authored numerous scientific research articles published in Albania and abroad. Prof. Dr. Dhori Kule has co-authored a number of university textbooks such as “Introduction to economics” and “Applied economics”. He has attended specialized postgraduate courses in European and American universities and has participated in many national and international conferences. Prof. Dr. Kule has authored several economic studies and has supervised many PhD students preparing their thesis regarding local, regional and global issues.
  • Prof. Dr. Kule has been given the title “Citizen of honor” in the municipalities of Saranda and Kukës, communes of Margegaj (Tropoja) and Çair (Skopje) for his special contribution on the education and the local community. He also holds the title “Doctor Honoris Causa” from the University of Vlora “Ismail Qemali”, and the State University of Tetova.
  • He is fluent in English, Italian and Russian.
  • Prof. Dr. Dhori Kule has been a member of the Supervisory Council of the Bank of Albania in November 2011.