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Master of Science in Operational Research in Management

Name of academic qualification Master of Science in Operational Research in Management
Cycle of study programme Second Cycle Studies
Name and status of awarding institution Faculty of Economics, University of Tirana, Public Institution
Language(s) of teaching/examination Albanian
Duration of study programme (years) 2 years
Delivery of study Full time

Entry requirement(s) in this study programme

Students who have completed a bachelor programme in Economic Informatics, Business Administration, Finance-Accounting, Economics at the Faculty of Economy, University of Tirana, are admitted in the Master programme without any additional requirement of fulfilling basic educational knowledge. Students who have completed a bachelor programme in Mathematics, Informatics, Mathematical and Informatics Engineering in other Faculties (public / private - national / foreign) are admitted after formal recognition of their diplomas under relevant regulations of the Faculty of Economy, University of Tirana.

Objectives and overview of the study programme

This programme of study aims to offer students knowledge regarding operational research techniques, including general management and the decision-making framework where these techniques will be used. A crucial role is given to the latest methodologies and applications, using computer tools to assist in management tasks and problem solving. Furthermore, students will develop communication skills to effectively discuss with others the problems faced by managers daily and to found out potential ways that bring effective solutions.

Some of the objectives of this programme are:

  • Graduates will be able to choose appropriate techniques of operational research that can be used in management problems;
  • Graduates will be able to develop an appropriate mathematical or structural model and perform its specific analysis;
  • Graduates will be able to prepare high quality reports;
  • Graduates will be able to analyze several problems using computer tools;
  • Graduates will be able to understand how their own decisions affect an organization and its employees

Assessmet scheme

The student's assessment scheme runs from mark 1 to 10 which have the following meaning: 1-4 fail, 5-6 sufficient, 7 satisfactory, 8 good, 9 very good, 10 excellent.

Exams are evaluated on a point basis system, the result of which is converted into marks based on the following schema:

Grade Points
4 up to 50 points
5 51-57
6 58-65
7 66-73
8 74-81
9 82-89
10 90-100

Access to further study

Eligible to enroll in the third cycle of studies (PhD in the field of Finance).

Employment opportunities and proffesional qualification

After completing this programme of study, the students have accumulated all the necessary knowledge as an operational research expert, with a high level of theoretical and practical knowledge. This degree enables them to be employed in public or private companies, research institutions, organizations, companies (public or private), various associations, etc. as specialists in the relevant field of study. In addition, graduates are eligible to develop a successful career as an independent professional, in particular by practicing business managerial consultancy. Master of Science Degree serves as a bridge to the third cycle studies and doctoral research.

Programme details

No. Subject ECTS Total hours Semester
First Year
1 Advanced Management 6 60 I
2 Resource and Information Management 6 60 I
3 Special Seminar on Economy 6 60 I
4 Simulation and Decision-making 6 60 I
5 Operational Research 6 60 I
6 Research Methods 6 60 II
7 Statistics and Data Modeling 6 60 II
8 Advanced Methods in Operational Research 6 60 II
9 Business Intelligence 6 60 II
10 Supply Chain Management 6 60 II
Total First Year 60 600
Second Year
1 Management Information Systems 5 60 I
2 Business Modeling 5 60 I
3 Risk Prediction and Analysis 5 60 I
Elective Subject 1
5 Teoria e Lojrave 5 60 I
Graphs Theory and Network Optimization
Data Analysis
Actuarial Science
Elective Subject 2
5 Total Quality Management 5 60 I
Reward Management
Knowledge Management Systems
6 Internship 5 125 II
7 Master thesis 30 175 II
Total Second Year 60 600
Total Year I+II 120 1200