PhD candidates pursue original research with the goal of making a significant contribution to knowledge in, and understanding of, their chosen field.

Doctoral studies

Doctoral studies are built on individual learning programmes aiming independent development of capacities of PhD candidates in scientific research in areas defined by the base or the main unit. The groundwork of these programmes is scientific research and creative activities. Doctoral studies last no less than three academic years and no more than five academic years.

At the end of the doctoral studies, students are furnished with the PhD diploma. Higher Education Institutions are responsible for establishing the criteria on the assessment of the annual progress of the candidates and their further working progress for the development of the research project. The third cycle of doctoral studies is included in the 8th level of the Albanian Qualifications Framework.

Doctoral studies are conducted full time at the base unit or overtime in cases when the PhD candidate is employed as academic staff in another institution of higher education or as a research staff in a research institution. When the doctoral studies are conducted in collaboration between higher education institutions, which are part of the research process, they can also take place at the partner institutions.

Students, who actually are in the process of the doctoral studies and have been enrolled prior to the enactment of Law no. 80/2015 "On Higher Education and Scientific Research in higher education institutions in the Republic of Albania", will finish their studies by following the criteria and modalities of the legislation at the time they are accepted in the doctoral study programme.

The Doctoral School of the Faculty of Economy provides a supportive environment for promoting research, with the adequate facilities and conditions to ensure the successful completion of your research programme.