The criteria a candidate should meet for application to the PhD programme are approved by the Council of Ministers, as well as other specific academic criteria which are determined by the base unit at the higher education institution where the candidate will apply.

Entry requirements to the doctoral programme

  • The admission to third cycle programmes of study is possible for candidates who own a "Master of Science" or "Master of Arts" diploma and meet the eligibility criteria defined by the institution of higher education.
  • The candidate should have good knowledge of one of five foreign languages of the European Union: English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish, certified by internationally recognized tests in accordance with the relevant instructions of the Minister of Education. If the candidate owns a diploma of a study programme conducted in one of the above languages, the acquired diploma serves as evidence of this requirement. (Instruction no. 52 dated 03.12.2015)

Entry requirements to the doctoral programme

The entry requirements to the third cycle programmes are determined by the base units, in line with the state quality standards.

  • Applicants should have knowledge in the fields of doctoral programmes offered by the Faculty of Economy, or in related fields as defined in the regulations of the respective programme for which they apply.
  • The overall average grade of studies is over 8 (eight).
  • The following candidates have priority in the admission process (in the following order):

    1. Candidates engaged in full time teaching at the University of Tirana;
    2. Candidates engaged in full time teaching at other public universities in Albania;
    3. Candidates employed in public and private institutions with a research profile;
    4. Individuals who have proven research interests.