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Professional Master in Marketing

Name of academic qualification Professional Master in Marketing
Cycle of study programme Second Cycle Studies
Name and status of awarding institution Faculty of Economics, University of Tirana Public Institution
Language(s) of teaching/examination Albanian
Duration of study programme (years) 1.5 years
Delivery of study Full time

Entry requirement(s) in this study programme

Students who have completed a bachelor programme in either Business-Administration or Finance-Accounting at the Faculty of Economy, University of Tirana, are admitted in the Master program without any additional requirement of fulfilling basic educational knowledge. Students who have completed a bachelor programmes in either Business-Administration or Finance-Accounting in other Faculties of the Economy (public / private - national / foreign) are admitted after formal recognition of their diplomas under relevant regulations of the Faculty of Economy, University of Tirana. Students who have completed a bachelor programme in either Economics or Economic Informatics at the Faculty of Economy, University of Tirana, are admitted in the Master programme after completing their basic educational knowledge.

Objectives and overview of the study programme

The main goal of this study programme is to prepare skilled experts and specialists in the field of Marketing. Professional Master in Marketing programme focus is primarily applicative and provides practical education to achieve professional goals in Marketing. It aims at providing students with the skills and deep knowledge on the applicable framework in the field of marketing, to ensure a successful professional career. This study programme combines theoretical and practical knowledge in order to encourage critical and creative thinking of the students and to expose them to contemporary issues in marketing, through a learning approach strongly supported by best practices. The design of Master of Science in Marketing curriculum aims to provide a comprehensive and focused system of knowledge in areas such as:

  • Marketing communication and Consumer Behavior;
  • Marketing Research and Strategy;
  • Marketing Channels and sales management;
  • Strategic brand management and Customer relationship management;
  • International, Services and Entrepreneurship marketing.;

This study programme prepares marketing specialists with high technical and professional skills towards a successful career, in accordance with contemporary models and visions of public and private institutional structures, in the context of globalization and European integration.

Assessmet scheme

The student's assessment scheme runs from mark 1 to 10 which have the following meaning: 1-4 fail, 5-6 sufficient, 7 satisfactory, 8 good, 9 very good, 10 excellent.

Exams are evaluated on a point basis system, the result of which is converted into marks based on the following schema:

Grade Points
4 up to 50 points
5 51-57
6 58-65
7 66-73
8 74-81
9 82-89
10 90-100

Employment opportunities and professional qualification

After completing this programme of study, students have accumulated all the necessary skills as a marketing expert, with a high level of theoretical and practical knowledge. This degree enables them to be employed in central and local government institutions, organizations, companies (public or private), various associations, etc. as a specialist in the relevant field of study or in the role of marketing manager.

Programme details

No. Subject ECTS Total hours Semester
1 Consumer Behavior 6 60 I
2 Marketing Research 6 60 I
3 Marketing Channels 6 60 I
4 International Marketing 6 60 I
5 Services Marketing 6 60 I
6 Marketing Strategy 6 60 II
7 Marketing Communication 6 60 II
8 Customer Relationship Management 6 60 II
9 Brand Management and Communication 6 60 II
10 Entrepreneurship Marketing 6 60 II
Elective subjects
11 Institutional Marketing 5 60 II
Marketing Management*
12 Internship 15 300 III
13 Master Thesis 10 50 III
Total 90 1010

*'Marketing Management' is a mandatory course for the students who have not followed it the previous cycles.